AI and Games: The Co-Revolution

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AI and Games: The Co-Revolution

This talk focuses on the wonderful and long-term relationship between games and AI and the impact such a relationship had on our lives. Games have been a core driving force for the revolution of AI ,which, in turn, has reframed our culture, and reshaped our society at large. While games have been assisting AI since its birth it is only very recently that we experience a strong inverse relationship. Creative AI nowadays designs exciting games for us to play and for AI to advance further. While games are arguably one of the last frontiers for AI, AI is also the next great leap forward for games.



Georgios Yannakakis


University of Malta

Georgios N. Yannakakis ( is a Professor and Director of the Institute of Digital Games, University of Malta. He is a leading expert of the game artificial intelligence research field with core theoretical contributions in machine learning, evolutionary computation, affective computing and player modelling, computational creativity and procedural content generation. He has published more than 220 papers and his work has been cited broadly. He has attracted funding from several EU and national research agencies and received multiple awards for published work in top-tier journals and conferences. His work has been featured in New Scientist, Science Magazine, The Guardian, Le Monde and other venues. He is regularly invited to give keynote talks in the most recognised conferences in his areas of research activity and has organised a few of the most respected conferences in the areas of game AI and game research. He is the co-author of the Artificial Intelligence and Games Textbook.